For over 27 years, Caliber Technology has provided tax table data and software components for calculating US withholding taxes. TaxControls includes all the software for evaluating tax formulas, which are distributed in a separate tax file. All federal, state, and local payroll-related taxes are available.


There are two challenges facing the developer attempting to compute withholding taxes:

  • Calculating withholding amounts, and
  • Keeping track of changes to tax formulas.

That's where Caliber Technology can save you time and money. We monitor the state web sites daily for changes, and provide a small, convenient table format with all the formulas. The tables even include embedded user instructions for the various state and local employee setup requirements.

Available Platforms

TaxControls components are available on the following platforms:

  • C# (Microsoft .NET or Mono)
  • Java
  • PHP
  • TaxServer (Docker container)


All subscribers and developers are given full telephone support. We'll help you with setup, programming, deployment, you name it. Just email us at or give us a call at 832-429-8821 with any questions you have.

The Update Process

After purchasing a subscription, the TaxControls component may be distributed royalty-free with your application. When tax formulas change, you will receive a notice of the update by email. You then download the latest table from our Web site at your convenience.


TaxControls may be downloaded, and evaluated free of charge. To license the software, you must register your downloaded copy. Prices:

  • Startup fee - $299 one-time charge
  • Tax Update Subscription - $4995/year (or $1375/quarter or $500/month)

An alternative Level 2 Subscription is available which includes all the specific Ohio and Pennsylvania local taxes. These local tables involve thousands of jurisdictions, and much higher overhead for monitoring and updating. Prices:

  • Startup fee - $299 one-time charge
  • Tax Update Subscription - $9990/year (or $2750/quarter or $1000/month)