This is the developer's reference for the TaxControls component. Information presented here is intended for the payroll application programmer, and not the application end user.

The TaxControls component computes Federal, State, and Local payroll taxes, which are kept current through a subscription to the Tax Update Service. This component is designed to plug in to your payroll-related application with very little setup, and has a simple programming interface.

A typical application will:

  • Guide the user in setting up appropriate employee withholding taxes. Your application can browse through available taxes using taxList, or assist the user in selecting appropriate taxes using either taxNamesForZip or taxQuery.
  • Gather payroll information for each payroll run. Your app will likely use a database to store default earnings, exemptions, $filingStatus, etc. for each employee, along with the list of appropriate tax names which apply. Any information which changes from one payroll to the next can be obtained from the end user.
  • For each applicable tax, apply the compute function to calculate proper amount.

The component provides all information programmatically, allowing your application to control presentation to the end user.

Note:The PHP demo is a fully functional component, with tax formulas from the previous year's tables. For the latest formulas, you'll need to purchase the TaxUpdate subscription service. Contact us for more information.