TaxNamesForZip Method

Returns the names of taxes suggested for withholding, according to the employee's work and home Zip Codes.


value = object.getTaxNamesForZip(WorkZip, HomeZip)

objectA TaxControl object
valueA string result
WorkZipA number corresponding to the employee's workplace Zip Code.
HomeZipA number corresponding to the employee's residence Zip Code.


To facilitate the choice of correct withholding taxes, this method returns recommended taxes in the form of a comma-delimited string. The developer supplies an employee's work and home Zip Codes, allowing TaxControls to make determinations based on resident/nonresident rules and reciprocal agreements.

Note: Not all jurisdictions can be accurately dilineated using Zip Codes. The taxes suggested by this method represent a "best-guess" selection based on the available facts and rules. When muliple jurisdictions overlap ZIP Code boundaries, all possible tax names are returned.

See Also: TaxQuery