Internet Access

The following TaxControls features rely on Internet access in order to function:

  • DownloadTable Method - For Tax Table downloading
  • IsTableCurrent Property - For Tax Table version checking
  • TaxQuery Method - For tax jurisidiction identification. For this method, your Docker TaxQuery container may be running on the local machine.

DownloadTable and IsTableCurrent network calls are invoked using the https protocol on the Caliber Technology LLC web site. TaxQuery invokes the https protocol using the address and port specified by WebServiceAddress.

Only a network connection is required--no browser is necessary. However, you can check the values returned from the website using a browser:


For Level 1 subscriptions, remove the 'level2' parameter, or set 'level2=0'.

Assuming you've started the TaxQuery Docker container on the local machine, use the following url to see the service response:

TaxQueryhttps://localhost:8443/taxes.php?work_addr=102 First Ave, 15001&home_addr=201 Second Ave, 15003