Error Messages

The following errors may be returned by the TaxControls component:

"You must select a tax using SelectedTax first."The method requires a specific tax to be selected using the SelectedTax property.
"Tax not found"The tax named in SelectedTax was not found.
"'DataFilename' must be specified."The component is attempting to load a tax file, but the DataFilename property has not been set.
"File specified in 'DataFilename' not found."The file named by DataFilename was not found.
"Invalid FilingStatus value"The FilingStatus value is not within valid range.
"CompanyZip must be set."The method requires a valid CompanyZip property to be set.
"TaxQuery error: ..."The TaxQuery service returned an error.
"No web service address specified"The TaxQuery service was not found. Make sure you've started the Docker container and properly set the WebServiceAddress property.
"Invalid tax file"Tax file is corrupt. You'll need to download a fresh copy.
"Item: index out of bounds"The index passed to Item was not valid.
"Authenication failed"The username/password passed to DownloadTable was not valid.