DownloadTable Method

Replaces the Tax Table named in the DataFilename property with current version downloaded from the TaxUpdate website. Internet Access is required to use this method.


object.downloadTable(username, password, [level2])

objectA TaxControl object
usernameA string containing the website username assigned to you by Caliber Technology LLC
passwordA string containing the website password assigned to you by Caliber Technology LLC
level2An optional boolean which selects download of the "Level 2" subscription if true. Defaults to true only if the current tax file has a size greater than 1,000,000 bytes (current Level 2 tables are approximately 2.7M). So if you currently have a Level 2 table, the download will fetch the latest Level 2 table.


An application may automatically download the most current tax table from the Caliber Technology LLC website using this method. To minimize delay and network traffic, the application should first check the IsTableCurrent Property to determine if the local Tax Table needs to be updated. The file designated by the DataFilename property is replaced by the most current tax table.

Level 2 tax tables include specific tables for all local OH and PA taxes. You must have a Level 2 subscription in order to download a Level 2 tax file.

See Also: IsTableCurrent