TaxQuery Method

Returns a list of tax names for a given set of work and residence addresses.


value = object.TaxQuery(WorkAddress, HomeAddress, Nexus)

objectA TaxControl object
valueA string result
WorkAddressA string expression indicating the employee's workplace address.
HomeAddressA string expression indicating the employee's residence address.
NexusA string expression indicating the states where the employer has nexus (loosely, a physical presence, such as office space). This should be in the form of a space-delimited list of 2-letter USPS state abbreviations. For example, 'CA NV OR WA'. Default value is the workplace state.


For some (especially local) tax jurisdictions, the TaxNamesForZip method does not provide enough granularity to precisely identify tax names. For such situations, this method calls the TaxQuery web service, which returns a comma-delimited string just like that of TaxNamesForZip, but with greater precision.

Note: This method requires a running instance of the TaxQuery Docker container. See the TaxQuery image page on the Docker website for more information

On a machine with Docker installed, enter the following:

   docker run -p 8443:8443 calibertechnology/taxquery

Once you have a running TaxQuery container, set the TaxControls WebServiceAddress property to the address of your instance. For example, if the container is running on the same machine as your application:

   CTaxControl tc = new CTaxControl();
   tc.WebServiceAddress = "localhost:8443";
   String val = tc.TaxQuery("101 1st Ave, PA 15001", "102 2nd Ave, PA 15003", "NJ MD");

See Also: TaxNamesForZip